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Waste water
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Purification of wastewaters with high chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD) 

Osmotics Company is engaged in the field of  purification of wastewaters with high chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD) Applications: landfill leachate, industrial wastewatres, including chemical, galvanic effluents and sewage waters of food processing facilities.

«…JSC Osmotics gathered momentum in recent years and now goes through the period of active growth. Vast experience acquired by the Company during this period at wastewater purification helps us to meet various challenges of the water purification and is dedicated solely to serving the needs of our Clients.  
'Turnkey' solutions are available for every application. 
Our experts can visit the most remote industrial sites and elaborate suitable and highly effective solution in each case. Short terms and reasonable prices are to emphasize our incomparable quality…»

Turnkey construction of Osmotics water purification stations/ Multiple challenges - one solution to the water purification problem.   

Osmotics Company offers the whole range of products and services that is sufficient to build brand new or retrofit old water purification stations. From designing the process tailored according to your request to start up of the completed station and personnel training, Osmotics provides full spectre of services in accordance to the Client and Legislation requirements. (read more …) 

Osmotics concept of servicing the Client includes:

  • personnel training at the installed facility 
  • warranty services on water purification systems


  •  to set new higher standards of the industrial and municipal wastewater purification,
  •  to implement most effective and most suitable solutions in each individual case,
  •  to improve by all possible means the environmental situation in Russan Federation.

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